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MASSIVE Convergence Drop Hunt Event! 4.6 - 5.6

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MASSIVE Convergence Drop Hunt Event! 4.6 - 5.6

Post by EsTygo on Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:40 am

Starting 00:00 Dofus Universal Time (=GMT +1) tomorrow, the alliance will go on a server shaking killing-spree!

We will land on the shores of Otomaï Island, flood the long beaches all over the island, and leave the place in a worse condition than Ibiza after the last party of the season.  drunken 

Over a hundred maps filled not just with zaap sitters, but friendly and kamahungry guys and gals from your alliance. People you know from before, and people you are just about to meet...

Alamanx Bonus tomorrow will be +200% to perceptor drops. To have fun and to fatten our purses throughout the alliance, we will therefore fill the shores of Otomaï Island with percs to fill up. There's well over 100 maps in the area so everyone should find room for a perc there. The area is pretty low level, which is great because low level monsters = fast fights = more drops for you.

The event will last 24 hours, and we hope as many as possible can join the party. cyclops 

Remember that for every drop you get there, you will be dropping something for everyone in the alliance who has a perc there also! Oh and, don't forget to remove your perc as soon as its full!

Good luck on the hunt, and don't worry if your friends aren't online, you'll meet plenty of new ones. ^^


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Re: MASSIVE Convergence Drop Hunt Event! 4.6 - 5.6

Post by xzibit on Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:18 am

Yeaaaaaaah Im in Leader Smile


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