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Jacuzzi's and Ecamon's - Bread and Potions!

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Jacuzzi's and Ecamon's - Bread and Potions!

Post by Jacuzzi on Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:02 pm

Hello there and welcome to Jacuzzi's and Ecamon's "Bread and Potions" service!

Farmer Leveling Kit uses 14110 Wheat, 14110 Rye, 12490 Barley, 11598 Oats and 10902 Hop to craft 810 White Flour, 446 Minx Flour, 348 Peasant Flour and 5451 Wholegrain Flour.

Baker Leveling Kit uses 7224 Wheat, 3852 Rye, 3852 Barley, 4348 Oats, 1276 Malt and 1276 Flax to craft 192 Amaknian Bread, 248 Rolled Oats Bread, 571 Wholewheat Bread, 638 Field Bread and 1926 Cereal Bread.

Discounts apply depending on the requested amount. Maximum discount is 20% off market price.


You can contact any of us in-game ("Jacuzzi" or "Ecamon"). A merchant ("Sheska")is also available at [not available].

Kind regards,
Jacuzzi and Ecamon

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