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Post by Blippero on Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:06 pm

To all those anticipating the return of the fabled island, the month of July is home to the reopening of the island of VULKANIA. And just to give a heads up to everyone the island is opening this coming Monday the 7th of July.

To all the 'nooblets' amongst us that don't know of this mystical island, Vulkania is an event island that is open for a short amount of time, during that time new content is open to all adventures willing to pay visit. The boat to the island can be found at port Madrestram Harbor, position [8,-5].

Additionally, to all the keen adventures when the island is first released all mobs on the island come equipped with 10 Stars, so exp to your hearts content.

Here is Izmar's post for confirmation of the Monday opening for the non believers:

Edit: As there is no specific time, this could be Tuesday for some people, possibly after maintenance.


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