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Post by Blippero on Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:04 am

Hi fellow Convergence members,

The following is a general overlay of the rules the alliance should abide by at all times. As a community driven alliance we try to encourage a free flowing existence. However, some broad guidelines are needed to ensure drama is discouraged and everyone can enjoy their Convergence experience. To help educate and wisen yourself I ask that you please take the time to read our rules and inform others to do so as well. With this in check I hope our community continues to thrive and grow free of drama and full of enjoyment.

Rules consist of the following:

Alliance chat:
  • Avoid spamming of any kind.
  • It is unrealistic to prevent all trade in alliance chat, therefore, trade can be used sparingly. However, efforts should be made to check markets before using chat and trade messages should NOT be repeated within an hour time period.
  • Sensitive topics such as religion and personal issues should be avoided at all times.
  • Alliance chat can be used for professions.
  • No rude behaviour towards alliance members.
  • No scammers are welcome in the alliance. If you have info, write it on the website and provide some evidence.
  • Alliance chat is English only.
  • Using too much slang is not recommended.
  • While we aren't a pvp alliance, if a Koth is called, it is recommended to reply even if you are unable to come, this will help the alliance plan ahead.
  • You may lose your alliance chat right if you break the rules mentioned above recklessly, unless otherwise decided.
  • Screen shots should be provided if a complaint is being made about a members behaviour.
  • Try to avoid long conversations between a few members in chat, it is preferred this be moved to group or private messaging.

  • Allow the endgame players (199+) to defend the perceptors, unless the attacking side will obviously lose (low levels/one person). If you are under 19x fill up the fight close to the end of the time to join (last 5 seconds). Furthermore, the endgame players to join first should be of a high standard if a full defense is needed (11/6 or 12/5) else join towards the end to allow others in.
  • Perceptors and Prisms will inevitably die, therefore, it is asked to remain respectful to your fellow alliance members. If a complaint about attitude or intentional sabotage is made please address this to a council member to handle.

  • It is advised to participate in alliance events to ensure success and enjoyment for all.
  • The time for the event will be posted in the alliance forum.
  • The special thread for every event will be created, so it is recommended to discuss it there.
  • Leaders should encourage their guild mates to participate in alliance events.
  • Every alliance member is free to suggest an event to the event organizers.
  • All important alliance news, information, activities, discussions, reports, decisions etc will be on the alliance forum, so we ask everyone to visit regularly and encourage others to do so.

Thank You, and enjoy being a part of our Dofus community!

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Alliance Rules Empty Re: Alliance Rules

Post by Tyzii on Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:17 am

This is perfect. I'll try to spread the word a bit, at least within Parallel Wink.

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