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Introduction to the Whale Mail

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Introduction to the Whale Mail Empty Introduction to the Whale Mail

Post by xxTeamTrophxx on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:44 am

I like to think that we share a close bond and that we are more then a bunch of guilds tied together; we're an alliance, we're a family, we're a community. And as most adults and children know, communities have newspapers, and so with that said: I'd like to draw your attention to the real reason, I'm writing this long post that you're all probably screaming at to be done and over with.

I'm starting a newsletter that will highlight and and enlighten everyone on certain accomplishments, celebrations, achievements, special moments, and anything else that we, as a community, would like to see and know about. How will I accomplish this goal you might ask? EASY!! The answer is YOU! You'll be the heart and soul of this project, the inspiration to type out all this news, and the words behind the newsletters that I publish each and every month. The explanation of how we can achieve this can be seen below.

Each month around the 15th, I will make a post in the Convergence Today section called "Suggestion Box for ____". This will be where you, the community, give me ideas, suggestions, insight, acknowledgements, etc of what you would like to see in the month to follow. As for what I'm looking for ideally, but not limited too, is the following:

  • Birthdays of the Month.

  • New Guilds that joined the Alliance (I can do this one).

  • Guild Level Ups.

  • Shoutouts to Players who are promoted to SiC.

  • Shoutouts to Players who ding to Level 200.

  • Shoutouts to Players who have gained hard achievements or finished hard quests.

  • KoTHs that we've won and lost.

  • Tips and Tricks for Dungeons/Mobs.

  • Screenshots.

....and my favorite...Player of the Month (who will be picked at random, and receive a present that will remain secret)

I really hope you keep up to date with the newsletters and enjoy what is published. I want to thank my friends and other Council members for really pushing me to do this. Your support means the world to me. Just another way to make the Alliance a closer group of friends! PS: If anyone wants to know me a bit better HERE is a bit of background to my time on Dofus.

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