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Konvict's Application.

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Konvict's Application.

Post by Aceking on Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:03 pm

Hello members of Convergence!

We of Konvict are thinking about joining Close.
We're not entirely done asking everyone's opinion yet,
but it's seems like Convergence is the way to go! Very Happy
I've been told we still have 2 weeks to decide after we've been accepted.
So no need to wait! Wink

We have an online average of +-20 people with an 151 lvl average. (Depends on the day)
We try to stay as active as possible, so we put people on deserter rank if they have been inactive for more then 2 months. They get kicked whenever space is needed in the guild.
However, I don't allow more than 12 deserters at the same time.

We're currently in Elite. It's a nice alliance community-wise, but it lacks teamwork.
That's something I really prefer and want in an alliance. Also, Elite doesn't really care about Koth,
something Konvict loves to help in!

Lastly, I've seen that you guys were planning on getting a teamspeak server. I have no idea whether you took care of that already but.. Konvict has one! Now, I'm willing to optimize our guild teamspeak to make it our alliances teamspeak! Very Happy
What do you guys think about that Wink

Hopefully we get accepted and.. we'll talk to you all in-game soon!

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Konvict's Application.

Post by Giant-Bluemonster on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:26 am

Thank you for posting here first off and for including all of your guilds information as well!

I don't know if you've talked to anyone for an interview but we have a list of people you can see on this forum if you would like to have one.

We interview you and then vote on your guild which usually takes no longer than one week. Majority = accepted. If you have any questions pm me in game at Giant-Bluemonster

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