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Buying a few barkritter barks

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Buying a few barkritter barks

Post by El-stangsel on Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:36 pm

Haowdy! I need tons of barkritter barks (, or more like, about 190 of them... So if anyone have a few lying around, that will not come of use, i'd like to buy them... Price? hmm, dunno? 50-70kk each maybe(A great way for you lower lvls to earn some kamas???)?... Pm either me, El-stangsel or Hectoria ingame or just write a repost here and we'll find you!
Why we wont farm it ourselves? It sucks balls, is boring as fuck and there are never more than like 2 of them on the market each day so its impossible to buy them that way.


Yes, indeed.

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